Tuesday, September 6, 2016

There is always a beginning

Let’s be honest with ourselves – will you really want to read these blogs? I am not sure really. In my mind I struggle with the idea that I have that much to say that others would want to read. I mean, who am I to feel that what I have to say is so important as to post on the internet? . . . The Internet! Seriously, are my thoughts really that great? Well, we will see.

I am just a simple Guy. I have a normal life with a steady job as a teacher, a wife whom I love dearly, and two kids who are growing faster than I would like to admit. As I have put thoughts out on social media or have spoken to people, I have been urged several times to give a class on being a husband or to write a book of my reflections. But, as with all things, are these thoughts worth reading? The humble side of me just shies away with a blush thinking that I do not.  

So, I have decided to venture into a Blog. I guess it is low risk seeing that people will read it if they want to or it will just sit in cyberspace to collect electron dust of the ethereal. Here is my idea of how it will go – I will blog with the hats that I wear on a daily basis. No, not literally. I am referring to the idiom. I have several personas that I perpetuate: Teacher, Father, Husband,  Ponderer, Artist . . . and so on. These are what I will write from. In the end, this will be a life story, if you will, that will string together how a common everyday Guy goes through life thinking and experiencing his life.

You never know. Maybe there will be something that will strike you and be an epiphany. You never know.

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