Thursday, September 8, 2016

My love story - The Preface.

A love story. When I think of this idea, a lot of romantic movies and novels come to mind. Things like the Thorn Birds, soap operas, the Twilight series and Nicholas Sparks come to mind. I mean – I read a couple of chapters into Twilight and thought “Wait a minute! This is a romance story disguised as a vampire story!” Sorry, I have strong feelings about that. Moving on, these stories send a discordant vibration through my mind and feelings. I shudder when I see this type of romance perpetuated and wonder - How can these modes of media have such a skewed view of love? Why are they so touted on as being so romantic with fluttering women wanting their relationships to be just like them? It is far from the reality of what I have expected out of my relationships. It boggles me.

I have decided that I am going to tell my love story. It will be how I found my wife and the whole struggle to get to this point in my life where I contemplate why my marriage and relationship with her is so strong and steady. It will be boring compared to these over dramatized and unrealistic views I have mentioned. Mine will be inevitably comical and too real for it to be interesting. You see, I feel that my love story started way before I even knew what I thought love was. It does not start the first day I met my wife or the first date I went on in high school or even when I hit puberty. My love story started when I was just a toddler. So that is where the story will begin. A bit unorthodox I know but if you really think about it, you will realize that everything you know about love started long before you even realized it.

There is some wisdom out there that resonates with me in which the person we are today is a culmination of all the experiences up to this point. Insert Captain Kirk, “I need my pain!” It makes you wonder how different a person you would be if you did not have some of those experiences. My view of love is a culmination of my experiences with this weird elusive unpredictable emotion. Most of it was picked up unconsciously when I didn’t know I was learning something but my mind and soul did. People seem to wonder and marvel at my views of my wife and our marriage sometimes when I am talking about her and what I do for her and such. I don’t feel my actions and thoughts or words are that special. To me it all makes sense in my realm of this love idea. I am not sure if they really know how far back I go in my search of lifelong love. We will see if this story is worth telling by the end. Until then, more will be coming.

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