Sunday, January 15, 2017

What is it to be a man?

I have been contemplating what it really means to be a man. This is on my mind a lot for a personal reason. I feel as if my son who is 14 right now is not on the road to being the man he needs to be. He tells me that he will not be like me and that I am trying to turn him into me. It hurts a little but the more I think about what he is saying, that is not what I am really trying to do.

What I am trying to do is to get him to be a true Man – not the socialized stereotyped falsity perpetuated by history or even dramatized novels and movies.  I want him to be a man in definition and action that defies those aforementioned trivialities to be a person that signifies what it means to stand out and be noticed for being unique in a way that may not be understood but is universally accepted as being unlike anything that has been before. Of, course it is not a new concept but a rare one I think.

So here is my view of what is means to be a real man. There are 10 parts:

1. Men break the stereotypes of what a man is in society.

    Men don’t cry and men are kings of the castle and men lead and men dominate and men are . . . are . . . . .are. Well, men according to society will never be one that can truly affect people in a way that men who break those stereotypes. What is next I feel may be unconventional but is raw in truth.

2. Men never say what they do not mean.

    A favorite lyric of mine goes like this – “Some words when spoken, can’t be taken back.” Well, that is not true. ALL words when spoke cannot be taken back. ALL OF THEM. If it is in your heart and mind, it is on your lips. A person can’t say something that they have not thought at one time or believe. It would never be uttered if they didn’t believe it. All those hurtful things a person says them they are angry and then say they don’t mean them. . . well they did and they  may be ashamed but they are not that sorry. Anger just has a way of turning off filters when the heart is draining of emotions.

    Say what you mean and mean what you say. What a person says when they are angry tells you a lot of what they truly think.

3. A man is multitalented.

    If a guy does not know how to do a lot of things then they have not stretched themselves. They have not found their strengths and developed a true love of themselves and their talents. It really does not matter what they are good at to be honest.. . .it just needs to be eclectic.

    They can do more for their fellow man if they know how to do a lot of things and do them well.

4. A man has a deep sense of faith and is faithful.

    Do you want to see strength in a man? How much faith does he have that all will work out in the end? If he has a lot of faith then he is looking for solutions because he has faith that there is a solution. The good lord blesses those who follow Him.

    Being faithful is a no duh statement. If you choose to be with someone, then you have done all the careful selection stuff to want to make sure they are the one and you trust them to be your companion for life. Be faithful to that choice and love on them with zeal.

5. Men know who they are and know what they want out of life.

    It is a growing up thing I guess. How can you guide or make any choices in life if you don’t even know what you want out if it? A man has to really soul search and knows and loves themselves for who they are and what they want out of life.

    I wanted a job that I enjoyed and a wife I could share my life with. I wanted children and a house that is all my own. These things hold a focus for me. All that other stuff is just icing. They are nice but they don’t hold interest for me. My focus is my job, my wife, and my family. It shows in all I do. It may come out as seeming like I am extraordinarily confident. Naw, I just know who I am and what I have wanted.

6. Men follow the Bible.

    It might be heresy but you don’t have to or may not believe all the God and Jesus stuff. I do just to set the record. Even so, if you don’t believe all that stuff, you have to admit that the way Jesus treated people is the way to go. If you truly look at all the jobs and commandments a man has for following and how he is to treat his wife and fellow man ( and I mean all of them – no picking and choosing), they are what men should be. A man of God is a man that will make a mark in the community around him. He may not make a mark that is broadcasted (most likely not) but he will be missed without the people knowing why. That is what being humble is all about.

7. Men are without question.

    It is all in the items above. A man will not be questioned. If a person that does not know them questions, the others around shut it down as fast as the question is on the table. This also means that a true man has nothing to defend themselves for. Nothing to hide is nothing to defend. It is all out for all to see and it is consistent and unwavering. A man is one that is beyond question and will always hold themselves in a way and act in a way that perpetuates it.

8. Men never stop pursuing their wife.

    A man has deliberately and carefully chosen their wife. They have fallen deeply in love with them on an emotional level and have grown an inseparable attachment to their wives in which no one could possibly understand the uniqueness it holds between the two. It shows when you see the man pursuing their wives with endless vigor. They are constantly showing their love for them even at the smallest level. A touch, a note, words of affirmation, doing chores, holding hands, wistful glances, and all the things that had to be done because it can’t be pent up inside, it has to pour out in a constant stream of pursuit.

9. Men need to be decisive.

    It is in the Bible really. Men need to be decisive. They need to be the leader of their families and household. I know that this seems like the whole barbaric man of the house thing but hear me out on this one. If the man makes the choices then it saves their wives from the guilt and shame for making hard and sometimes wrong decisions. I love my wife so much that I don’t want her to bear that kind of inner turmoil.

    Now this does not mean that a man makes these choices alone. They must listen to their wives and good counsel. Why would I have married my wife if I didn’t believe she would have good advice? I also feel that faith has a lot to do with it too. I am just saying that when it comes down to who makes the choice – it should be the man.

10. You don’t have to be a fairytale to be a Man.

    Let’s be honest, a whole lot of what people think men should be is unrealistic. It should be clear by now that I really have some contempt for media driven views of what men should be like and how movies perpetuate unrealistic views of men. Life is longer than two hours or a grammatically wrong meme. There are days that we just have to get through. We have moments where we are weak and moments where we feel like we could spin the world ourselves.

    We are people that are real and living day to day with hard choices and just trying to get by most times. We have our moments and if we have a lot of love in our hearts, they come more often than others. But, we are people. Not some made up person, and that is okay. It has to be.

I am not sure, maybe I am on the wrong path. I do know one thing, I sure am better off with these traits. I am not sure if I am like “the” model of them but I sure do try my best. So here you have it, my ten traits of what it is to be a real man.

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